The body of the one you loved is part of my substance, my intimate form reveals its traces, my voids are filled with its essence. I am Anima Vitrea.

By the master glassmakers of Murano

Anima Vitrea is an artistic object made from the cremation ashes of one's pet. The ashes of the beloved and faithful companion are carefully treated by master glassmakers and incorporated in special original artistic objects made especially for this purpose in Murano, in a historic craft workshop.
Each creation has its own particularity that makes it unique and unrepeatable. The embedded bubbles are the consequence of the contact of the ashes with the hot glass. On the basic colors it is possible to intervene but the shades are unpredictable and this also determines the originality.

Anima Vitrea

Anima Vitrea

The name “Anima Vitrea” combines the Latin word “anima,” meaning “soul” or “life breath,” with “vitrea,” which refers to glass, the basic material of Murano's creations. This name evokes the idea that these artifacts are not only objects of beauty, but also contain the vital essence of beloved animal companions who are no longer with us.

Eternal presence, immortal art

The perpetuity of the memory of beloved animals through the art of Murano glass, celebrating their eternal presence and the immortality of the art that encloses them.

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